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Zusatzakku für Orbea Gain

579,00 € *

inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

579,00 € *

inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten


Lagerware sofort versandfertig. Lieferzeit ca. 4-8 Werktage. Abholung im Laden möglich.

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Produktinformationen "Zusatzakku für Orbea Gain"
Akkuleistung: 208
Hersteller: Orbea
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Orbea Gain Zusatzakku

The X35 Range Extender by EBikeMotion is designed for Orbea Gain and Optima, and can extend your battery range by up to 70%. With a specially designed bottle cage it remains on the frame and feeds power directly to your integrated X35 battery.

The initial 248W/h capacity is boosted with an additional 208W/h with the extender in place. Alternatively it can top up the battery to 70% capacity when flat.

The charger is compatible with Gain F, Gain M and Gain D models from 2018 and newer and Optima E models from 2019, and mounts on the seat tube and diagonal tube, respectively. The external charger is not compatible with the eMX24 model.



CAPACITY: 208.8w / h



WEIGHT: 1645gr (With specific bottle cage)

COLOR: Black anodized


Zum Lieferumfang gehören ein Flaschenhalter, Gummiband, Schrauben und Distanzscheiben
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